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"A ship in port is safe, but that's not

what ships are built for!" John A. Shedd

That's what participants say of the June workshop "Like a Phoenix from the Ashes":


"Great, varied program that was an absolute enrichment for me. Especially because we worked on concrete, current topics. A super open atmosphere in a great environment with incredibly inspiring women."

Andrea Biebl, CEO/Managing Director MWO GmbH


"A great workshop in an open, appreciative, and supportive atmosphere. 1,5 exciting and interesting days with much fun and also serious topics. The coaching work of Gabriele is inspiring and characterized by empathy, knowledge of how, and immense experience. I learned a lot and laughed a lot. It was super!"

Ines Klar, Managing Director "Body Talk Ines Klar"


"Gabriele's seminar was a very enriching and inspiring experience for me. Besides deep insights into the theory, she gave us different strategies for our everyday life to be resilient and stay with ourselves. The workshop allowed a warm ambiance and allowed space to get to know the other exciting women. Thank you so much."    

Ally Demmrich, TV Producer


"For me, Gabriele's seminar was enriching with theory and much practice. I can integrate the exercises into everyday life and strengthen my resilience skills. We had a great group dynamic and a wonderful seminar location at Seehotel Leoni."

Gundula Schwan, Shareholder Management Forum Starnberg


"Gabriele has extensive and deep knowledge and coaching experience, which she made available to us in individual and group coaching. Some things I already knew, but many things were new to me. Plus, the environment, directly overlooking Lake Starnberg and the great atmosphere with the other women - amazing!"

Janine Haberland, Managing Director Haberland Beratungs-GmbH


When confronted with crises and going through difficult times as a leader and company,

we ALWAYS instinctively react with our auto-pilot, i.e., with fight, flight, or shock; it is the lifesaver when our life is in danger or even in harmless stressful situations - professionally or privately.



Neuroscience has now proven that stress, crisis images on TV/online, and even negative thoughts have a devastating impact on our resilience and weaken the immune system.

The current times of crisis trigger thoughts and feelings of anxiety, in addition to professional stress, existential fear, or all of this together, leading to burnout.


How can we change this? How can we rebuild our resilience and a robust immune system?

Through awareness, i.e., through the power of our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs - our mindset.


In 4 steps, I will show you how you can activate your inner resources to emerge stronger

from difficult situations and create a positive future.


 Would you like to discuss how I can support you or your team?


Gabriele Euchner

Resilience MasterClass

Find mental and emotional strength!


  • The seven pillars of resilience!

  • Inner resources that you already have!

  • Inner drivers that control you mentally and emotionally!

  • The 6 "human emotional needs" you should know!

  • Four steps to Strengthen your resilience

  • Do's & don'ts in times of crisis: mental & emotional🤠


With practical exercises, you will learn the tools that will support you and make you fit for the future - professionally and in private!


- 1:1 coaching, team workshop and speech -

Return on Invest

Inner balance, emotional and mental strength

Improving influence and relationships with others

Control in times of crisis, conflict and stress

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