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"When you become a leader, you must transition from being responsible for the job, to being responsible for the people who are being responsible for the job!"  

Simon Sinek

Leadership Coaching, International Speaking 

1. Strengthen resilience in times of crisis:

  • Resilience & Mental strength: How do you lead yourself? 

  • How do you lead your team to improve resilience?

  • Four steps for more balance and inner strength

2. "Always ON" - Communication Skills for Managers

  • Leadership is communication. Communication is leadership

  • "What's in it for me?" - the neon sign on the forehead

  • Your individual communication type influences your  decision-making process and communication style


3. Diversity connects - International teams as          

    Competitive advantage

  • Shaping an international culture

  • Promote innovative strength through international teams

  • Know and respect differences in behavior


- Coaching, Lectures, and Keynotes in German and English -

Member of

Speakers Excellence, Women Speaker Foundation

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Five steps to your Dream Job!


Are you looking for a new career? Are you currently negotiating a settlement agreement? Did you know you only have 30 seconds to convince headhunters at first sight?

If you want to apply for a new job successfully, you must do everything you can to get to the top of the list of applicants.  Your goal must be to get headhunters and companies to call you first for a first interview.


In my Career Bootcamp (a free webinar), I will help you achieve this goal, amplify your VISIBILITY, and focus on concisely in just an effective 60 minutes.


The Career Bootcamp is a Game Changer🚀! Everyone you ask who gets to know me as a leadership coach and headhunter will say that. You, too, can benefit from my knowledge and experience by registering now.


What clients say about working with Gabriele...

Foto Thomas Schallinger

"After the first few months in my new role as CFO in the USA, I would like to get back to you with some feedback and say thank you. I have already had to think of you in numerous situations. In the process, I have once again become very aware of how important the topic of communication is. I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for your input, help, and support."

Thomas Schallinger

CFO Brückner-Group USA

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Foto Olaf Grauschmitt

"Gabriele’s career coaching was a cornerstone of my transformation. I gained clarity on my strengths, potential, and career goals within the industry. She helped me build and sustain resilience in the face of challenges, allowing me to understand the potential in my role and how to excel in personal growth in potential future positions. Her emphasis on effective communication, clear structure, and love for details and leadership expanded my perception and perspective. I am very grateful for Gabriele's invaluable insights and support, which significantly contributed to resetting my perception and ambitions to new targets with a fresh mindset and energy."

Olaf Grauschmitt
Director Windows Consumer Category GSA


Foto Andrea Balen

One of Gabriele's main strength is to be able to listen. She won't pontificate or present you with pre-fabricated answers. Her coaching is always precise and sensitive, and she has the gift of being very intuitive.

Andrea Balen
Head of Media Operations,
Weedmaps, Los Angeles

Foto Tobias Grewe

"With Gabriele, you will immediately get down to business. She is a Coach who is familiar with top management. I appreciate that she has had work experience as a top manager and thus knows those pain points exactly. She offers a new direction through her knowledge and empowers one to adjust the professional compass and realign oneself. I have found Gabriele to be fast, efficient, and giving clear direction."

Tobias Grewe
Founder & Managing Director

Tobias Grewe Communication & Consulting

Foto Stefanie Ziska

"Gabriele is one of the best. I can speak from my own experience with her. I have worked with her as a leader and as part of our Team-Coaching event."

Stefanie Ziska

Managing Director

German-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, 


Foto Nina Paul

"Gabriele's coaching is characterized

by her extraordinary expertise, years of international experience, and clarity. Through her very focused and interested manner and tools, she teases things out of you that you were not aware of before and supports you enormously in turning them into business skills. Thank you very much for the inspiring and intensive collaboration - professionally and personally!"

Nina Paul

Founding Partner & Managing Director 


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