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Gabriele Euchner, MBA

certified: Business Coach (INLPTA), NLP-Master (DVNLP), ​HOGAN Management Assessment.


I am Gabriele Euchner, a highly experienced Executive Coach & Sparring Partner with a strong management background. 

My Coaching focus is on: Career/Career Profiles, Resilience and Communication is Leadership /Leadership is Communication. 


Since 2012 I have been advising and coaching international (top) managers from about 25 different industries, management positions, responsibilities and backgrounds. In more than 10,000 coaching hours, I have been privileged to help redefine their career strategies and competency profiles, and find their dream jobs.


Maintaining and strengthening resilience has always been an important part of self management, because leadership is a marathon, not a sprint.  


As a former Managing Director and Country Manager in the international consumer goods industry, I am very familiar with all kinds of challenges of management and leadership from a strategic and operational point of view - and also personally. 

 My coaching approach has been shaped by my management background, i.e. quickly and efficiently reaching your goal:

Get Clear. Get Focused. Get Going.

"If you're coaching (top) managers, you should have been a (top) manager by yourself."

Career Highlights


Kienbaum Consultants International

Executive Coaching, Outplacement, New Placement Germany, Switzerland,Executive Coaching/-Search in USA.

Country Manager/ Managing Director 
Central Europe 

Mary Kay Cosmetics 

50 FTE (Operations, Finance, IT, HR, Sales, Marketing, Events/Trainings) and 12,000 Sales Representatives. Results: Significant increase of Net Sales and EBIT

Country Manager/ Managing Director Switzerland

Jafra Cosmetics 

20 FTE: Operations, Finance/HR/IT, Sales, Marketing, Events,Trainings

and 1.300 Sales Representatives. Results: Turnaround, restructure  sales, relaunchcorporate brand.

Marketing Manager „National Brands“

Kraft Foods 

11 FTE, 10 product groups and 250 Mio€ in revenue: significant increase of revenue and EBIT by focusing on high profitable brands and products.

Group Product Manager
"Marlboro"  Line extensions 

Philip Morris

3 product groups and 950 Mio € in revenue: most successful brand relaunch of „Marlboro Lights“ in Germany, ever.

Best Practices: Coaching, Consulting, Training


Leadership, Communication Skills, Career

Automotive, consulting services, consumer goods, German-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, manufacturing, Pharma


Health Insurance, Manufacturing & Engineering 


Manufacturing & Engineering USA

Marketing Manager „National Brands“

Kraft Foods 

Group Product Manager
"Marlboro"  Line extensions 

Philip Morris

2005 - 2008

Executive coaching, communication skills, intercultural leadership

Structure of Corporate Business 

Schools, in-house training

since 2021...

Career, Leadership Communication


Automotive, Consumer goods, German-Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Manufacturing

2015 -2018

Re-deployment & NewPlacement Consulting

National, international, medium sized companies, corporations


           Health Insurance, Manufacturing & Engineering 

Leadership Culture Communication Skills

2012 - 2015

Executive Coaching, Strategic Marketing Consulting

international, medium

sized companies


        Consulting Services, Manufacturing & Engineering USA

Executive Coaching, Communication Skills, Intercultural Leadership

2005 - 2008

In-house Management Trainings 

international, medium sized companies 



I am a published author of various books on leadership style, leadership culture, and career:

Zurück ins Spiel_Cover_Final_2.jpg

Back into the game

The Guide to Your Dream Job

Mit dem Fußtritt aus der Chefetage.jpeg

Kicked out of the Executive Suite

Haufe Publishing 2013

KDP 2021

Schlüsselfaktor Motivation.jpeg

Key factor motivation!

From employee to entrepreneur

Erfolg als Entrepreneur.jpg

Success as Entrepreneur

The quality check for the
new generation of managers

BoD  Publishing 2008

FTD 2000

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