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Strategy Coaching
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As an Executive or as a manager most of the time you ask yourself the following questions:
  • What challenges do we have to overcome?

  • What opportunities need to be identified internally and externally?

  • Which of the projects own the greatest leverage? What is the best strategy for implementation?

  • What will be our first priority which we will be focusing on?

  • How can we optimize processes?

  • Will those changes lead to a re-organization or can we perform using the current organization?

  • Which effective techniques/tools will be the best ones to succeed in the future: digitization, marketing & sales or tight cost reduction?

When it comes to revising strategies or creating new ones, working with a STEPS© -technique has been the best and most successful tool. STEPS© enables the evaluation of existing strategies (Strategy Review) or the development of a new strategy. The process follows a clearly defined structure, content and a step-by-step sequence of processing. The use of this instrument is applicable for all business areas (marketing, sales, HR, operations, logistics), independent of any industry, nationally and internationally.


When carried out correctly and consistently, STEPS© is the most successful instrument I know to capture and understand complex company environments and to evaluate priorities for goals and strategies. Each individual step is clearly defined and understood in a captivating logic in connection with every follow up sub-step. The correct assessment of all dimensions and sharp conclusions derived, allow to develop suitable strategies that will lead to success.

Using this tool, there are also risks to consider. I have seen many managers using this tool superficial or even drawing false conclusions. Ist because, if any of the steps is missing out or being analyzed inaccurately, it will lead to false objectives, priorities and strategies. Therefore, the precise and correct evaluation of each dimension, i.e. developing significant correlations and conclusions are keys to developing successful strategies.


During a 2-days workshop (presence or 4 half days online), STEPS© will be explained and executed while using a real, concrete project from the client. Together with the leadership team being in charge of the project, relevant information and strategic steps will be collected, prioritized, discussed and evaluated. During the process, all information will be implemented in a company presentation template.