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My clients manage divisions, medium-sized and large companies or are responsible for organizations as Board members, CEO's, COO's, Head of HR or Marketing Directors from the manufacturing industry, consumer goods and retail, or develop content for TV stations and produce films. The spectrum is broad.

If you are making a difference in this world, and are ready to take your influence and impact to a new level, then click below for a briefing session with me directly.

I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Coaching Services



Achieving Excellence

Topics of your choice:

  1. Career Strategy & Career Path or

  2. Leadership is communication & Communikation is Leadership or

  3. Resilienz-Coaching


You will...

  • know the steps to achieve your dream career much faster 

  • improve your style of communication as a leader 

  • strengthen your Resilience, i.e. built up your inner strength and balance

 1:1 Coaching in 6 months includes:

    24 Coaching-Sessions (24 hrs)

    + HOGAN Management Assessment

    + E-Mail-Support unlimited

    + templates and worksheets

    + incl. preparation and follow up



8 -steps Dream Career System: steps 1 - 4

for Managers and Top Manager


You will gain clarity and focus about your...

  • goals, obstacles and resources 

  • personal brand and positioning 

  • strengths, potentials and competencies


We will...

  • create your unique career profile

  • your work-life-model for your future

  • improve your resume, your LinkedIN profile with the right keywords to increase your visibility among recruiter and headhunters

  • create your Elevator Pitch!


1:1 Coaching or as a Group Workshop live

  • 6 - 9 coaching sessions ( 9 hrs)

  • Templates and working materials 

  • email support unlimited

  • incl. preparation and follow-up


Leadership 2

8 -steps Dream Career System: steps 1 - 8

for Managers. and Top Managers

You will gain clarity and focus on....

  • your unique career profile, new resume and LinkedIN-profile                     with the right keywords

  • your Elevator Pitch

  • Your personal career strategy

  • Your growth potentials (HOGAN Personality-Diganostics)

  • Your individual career profile and career path 

  • effective Online JobSearch and dealing with recruiters/headhunters

  • Action Plan and performing in Interview/Sales Pitch 


 1:1 Coaching:

  • 10 Coaching Sessions à 1,5 hrs (15 hrs)

  • Email support unlimited 

  • Templates and working materials 

  • incl. preparation and follow-up


"Phoenix from the Ashes!"

Strategies to improve your Resilience in difficult times!

We will talk and I will coach you about: 

  • What are important Do's & Don'ts in times of crisis?

  • Which resilience assets do you already possess?

  • What are YOUR most important 6 Human Emotional Needs?

  • How does the Emotional Train function?

  • What are the most efficient tools to strengthen your resilience?

  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and other efficient exercises to let go of anxieties and insecurities!

  • How do you achieve inner strength & balance longterm?

  • ...and more to discover...🤠

 1:1 Coaching or Group Workshop:

  • Individual Coaching-Sessions 1:1 (8 - 10 hrs. )

  • email support unlimited

  • Templates & worksheets

  • incl. preparation & follow up

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