My clients manage divisions, medium-sized and large companies or are responsible for organizations as Board members, CEO's, COO's, Head of HR or Marketing Directors from the manufacturing industry, consumer goods and retail, or develop content for TV stations and produce films. The spectrum is broad.

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Coaching Services



Achieving Excellence

Leadership Coaching Topics:

  1. Career Coaching and New Placement Consulting

  2. Leadership is Language/Language is Leadership (Communication Skills)

  3. Leadership Coaching/Development (leadership role, leadership style)

You will gain clarity about ....

  • Your individual career strategy, and how you can accelerate reaching your career goals!

  • Your communication style, and how you can use your communication as a leadership tool and lead smarter!

  • Your leadership style and how you can improve yourself as a leader!

Coaching Program "VIP":

1:1 Coaching: 12 modules in 3 or 6 months

  • 12 Coaching-Sessions 

  • 4 Q&A Sessions

  • HOGAN Personality Assessment (sense of self/sense of others)

  • Email-Support

  • Worksheets

  • Preparation time included.

CAREER KickStart


Your unique competency profile as a manager or for your own company!

8-Step Dream Career -System


You will gain clarity about your...

  • goals, obstacles and resources 

  • personal brand and positioning 

  • strengths, potentials and professional focus

We will...

  • create your unique competency profile

  • improve your CV and LinkedIN profile as basis for your next career step or start your own business as an entrepreneur


1:1 Coaching or as a Group Workshop live

  • Steps 1 -4: 6 coaching hours

  • 2 Q&A sessions

  • Email support

  • Templates and working materials 

  • incl. preparation and follow-up

CAREER Compass

On your way to your dream job or your own company!

8-Step Dream Career -System

You will gain clarity and focus on....

  • Your personal career strategy: CBC, CSC, SSC

  • Your growth potentials (HOGAN Personality-Diganostics)

  • Your individual career profile and career path 

  • effective Online JobSearch and dealing with recruiters/headhunters

  • Action Plan and performing in Interview/Sales Pitch 


 1:1 Coaching or as Group Workshop LIVE

  • Steps 1 - 8: 12 coaching hours

  • 2 Q&A sessions 

  • HOGAN Personality Diagnostic (self-perception/perception of others)

  • Email support unlimited 

  • Templates and working materials 

  • incl. preparation and follow-up

LEADERSHIP is Communication!
Communication is LEADERSHIP!

Image by Sebastián León Prado

Communication Excellence

Communication is key to become a successful Manager/Leader!

We will...

  • Evaluate your communication style

  • Expand your communication strengths & skills

  • Train successful communication techniques in different situations:

    • Team-Management/Leadership​

    • Meetings

    • Presentations

    • Difficult Talks


Coaching Program "Communication":

  • 8 modules in 3 months: 1:1 Coaching or as Group Workshop

  • 12 hours coaching

  • 2 Q&A sessions

  • HOGAN Personality Assessment (sense of self/sense of others)

  • Worksheets

  • Book references

  • Email-Support

  • Preparation time included.