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My clients manage divisions, medium-sized and large companies or are responsible for organizations as Board members, CEO's, COO's, Head of HR or Marketing Directors from the manufacturing industry, consumer goods and retail, or develop content for TV stations and produce films. The spectrum is broad.

If you are making a difference in this world and are ready to take your influence and impact to a new level, then click here for a briefing session with me (no charge).

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Coaching Steps


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Coaching Services

MasterMind Leadership Coaching (presence or online)

  • ​Modules:

  1. Coaching-Start: via mini survey (270'degree feedback), interviews and HOGAN assessments (values and reputation) , the status quo will be elaborated.

  2. We will reflect all results and develop goals/strategies to be targeted.

  3. MasterMind Leadership: using techniques to work on topics that are most important to you. We will change perspectives, solve problem areas and develop alternative leadership behaviors - individually or as a team. 

  4. Pit Stops: regularly, we will look at what has already been realized and improved, and adjust the desired direction, if necessary.

  5. Coaching Finish line: at the end of the coaching, again a mini survey (270' degree feedback) is recommended in order to see the progress being made.                                                                                                           

  • Time required: Individual session of 1.5 hours

  • MasterMind Leadership Coaching: minimum 8 + sessions

  • Intensive Coaching (Basis: HOGAN Assessment): from 3 up to 8 sessions within 8 weeks

  • Timing: weekly or upon request

  • Coaching Fee: upon agreement     

Strategy Coaching (presence or online)

  • Modules:

  1. Theory: explanation of the overall process of STEPS © and single steps, how they are working out, interdisciplinary connections and correlations; Do's & Don'ts.

  2. Execution: Together with the client leadership team being in charge of a project, relevant information and strategic steps will be collected, prioritized, discussed and evaluated. During the process, all information will be implemented in a company presentation template.

  • Time required: 2-days workshop as presence or 4 half days online

  • Coaching Fee: upon arrangement

Special „Outplacement-/New Placement Consulting"

  • Time requested: 8 sessions within 2 months

  • Modules:

    • Processing the separation story

    • Professional objectives and career planning

    • CV revision (STAR technique)

    • Social media check

    • Interview training (phone, online, on location)

    • Dealing with head hunters

    • Consulting on job search online

  • Time required: 8 sessions (total 12 hrs.) within 2 months

  • Coaching Fee: upon agreement

Special „Career Coaching“

  • Modules:

    • Career status quo

    • Goal-setting/strategy

    • CV check

    • Social media check

    • Interview training (phone, online, on location)

  • Time required: 4 sessions (6 hrs)

  • Coaching Fee: upon agreement