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"A ship in port is safe,

but that's not what ships are built for."  
- William Shedd

"Phoenix from the Ashes!"
Strategies to improve your Resilience in difficult times

When we are unexpectedly confronted with events that threaten our existence - such as corona, war or energy crisis - actual or watched via TV or Social Media - we instinctively react to secure our safety by our well-known "fight, flight or freeze - response", created in our brain million years ago.

However, fight or flight are not the best options today, but remaining in a state of shock (freeze) will weaken us deeply - physically, mentally and emotionally.


There is a fourth way to being able to handle those times of crisis - no matter what it is. You won't break or give up on it. How do I know a lot about this?


I have had to face experiences when my life was in danger, and other terrible occasions, i.e. getting caught up in an Islamic civil war, being misdiagnosed with a disease and a six-month expectation of life, a job termination as a manager, and a lot more. Looking back at those times of crisis, I have learned to being able to clear my mind and act - despite fear of death! If you would like to, I can show how I did it!

What are those core competencies of resilient human beings?

How do you get through crisis and out of difficult situations?

How do rise again like "Phoenix from the Ashes"?

How to build up your resilience and inner strength? In my 1:1 coaching or group workshop, first you will gain insights about yourself - AHA moments, that are hindering your path of freedom. We will dissolve road blocks, and I will help you change perspectives that have already helped many people to strengthen their resilience - emotionally and mentally!

Reserve a free resilience call (30 min.) and let's talk!

Return on Invest

Inner balance, emotional and mental strength

Improving influence and relationships with others

Calm control in times of crisis, conflict and stress

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