Career Strategy & Career Path
  • Are you still happy with your current career, or have you been considering a change for some time?

  • Were you terminated or have you accepted a severance offer?

  • Are you satisfied or unhappy with your current employer, team and/or professional environment?


If you are looking for clarity about your career and the right way to achieve your goals, then my Career Coaching approach is just right for you.


You will develop and define...

Your goals, obstacles and resources.

Your unique profile.

A professional resume according to the latest standards and for LinkedIn.


In addition you will understand...

Which career strategy is best for you!

Which career paths are the most successful!

How to manage the online JobSearch and dealing with recruiters!

How to convince recruiters and companies in an interview!



You can choose between 1:1 Coaching or Group Workshops live online.

For program details, please check out "Coaching Services".


Career Coaching Basics (4 modules):

Create a Compelling CV


Career Coaching Premium (8 modules):

Create a Compelling Career

Return on investment

Creating tailor-made leadership concepts and tools

Leadership in times of crisis, conflict and under stress

Increasing confidence in your own leadership skills (keyword "innate intelligence")

Getting to know specific communication strategies producing positive changes

Improving employee/team loyalty and collaboration across the organization

Sharpening your management profile and management style

Improving interpersonal and communication skills, thus influencing within the organization

Optimizing approach in customer relationship management
(customer centric)

Improving relationships and performance within the organization

Coaching examples

Executive Sparring/Coaching:
Using HOGAN-Management Assessments, we evaluated and discussed his potentials/strengths and development areas as a Manager and Executive. In our weekly sessions we focused on: "Interpersonal Skills", "Intercultural Leadership" and "Influencing across Organizations" using research data, business cases, human psychology and behaviour, and focused specifically on „Communication Skills“ for different cultures.


Within six months our defined goals were achieved:

  • Managers from different cultures have been connected as a team.

  • Individual resources and talents from different countries and backgrounds were involved in the entire change process.

  • A strategic and operational realignment of marketing and sales has been established in the US organization.

His empathic, confident and sustainable communication approach has become visible week by week. After six months, he successfully took over the responsibility as CEO of the US organization.

Sparring Partner for the CEO Latin America

Industry: Manufacturing & Engineering

Topic: Taking over the additional leadership role as CEO of the US division. 


  • How can the CEO successfully bring together and realign managers and executives from different countries and cultures (work style, strategy preferences and communication styles)?

  • How can the CEO develop and implement strategic changes and new thinking carried by the entire organization? 

Executive Coaching:

Intensive feedback on status quo of her professional career; use of management assessment tools for her individual management profile as well as self- and external assessments as a manager; subsequent development of objectives and career strategy; corresponding CV revision (STAR technique); social media optimization; interview training; advice on dealing with headhunters; consulting for efficient online job search.

During our coaching sessions, she quickly gained clarity about her specific goals, companies that could match to her profile and she is interested in and would suit her regarding new career opportunities. 

The consulting period had been three months. For each interesting job position she applied for using her new CV documents, she received an invitation for an interview. In addition, she had been enabled to strategically position herself for further career steps at her current employer.

Career Coaching for the Head of Marketing in Germany

Industry: Consumer Goods

Topic: What are the next career steps and where are her most successful career opportunities? 

Executive Coaching:

Analysis of the termination story; feedback on his professional career and its value for companies in Germany; intensive discussions about different management styles and communication cultures abroad and compared to Germany; definition of goals for his next career steps, potential companies and countries; development of a career strategy; CV revision (STAR technique); social media optimization; interview training (telephone, online, on location); networking with head hunters; advice on job search on online platforms in Germany and abroad.


The consulting period lasted twelve months until he signed a contract as COO in a new company in Brazil.

Outplacement/New Placement-Coaching for an international COO

Industry: Manufacturing & Engineering

Topic: The COO had been a longterm manager and executive for a major German corporation in Germany and abroad. When he returned from his last assignment in Asia back to Germany, he was terminated unexpectedly.