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Jordan B. Peterson

Prof. Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has taught mythology to lawyers, doctors and business people, consulted for the UN Secretary General, helped his clinical clients manage depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety and schizophrenia, served as an adviser to senior partners of major law firms, and lectured extensively in North America and Europe. With his students and colleagues at Harvard and the University of Toronto, Dr. Peterson has published more than a hundred scientific papers, transforming the modern understanding of personality, while his now-classic book, "Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief" revolutionized the psychology of religion.

12 Rules for Life

An antidote to chaos

Random House Canada 2018

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Maps of Meaning

The Architecture of Belief

Routledge 1999

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Simon Sinek

Start with Why

How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Penguin Group 2009

Leaders Eat Last

Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don't 

Prenguin Group 2014, 2017

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Simon Sinek is an optimist, teacher, writer, and worldwide public speaker. His first four books - Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together is Better, and Find Your Why - have been national and international bestsellers. His first TED talk, based on Start With Why, is the third most-viewed TED video of all time.

Brene Brown

Brené Brown has taught us what it means to dare greatly, rise strong, and brave the wilderness. Now, based on new research conducted with leaders, change makers, and culture shifters, she's showing us how to put those ideas into practice so we can step up and lead.

Dare to lead

Brave work. Tough conversations.
Whole Hearts.

Random House 2018

The Gifts of Imperfection

Let Go of Who You Think You're Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are

Hazelden 2010


Dr. Reinhard Sprenger

Sprengers Spitzen

42 Inconvenient Management Truths

Handelsblatt FachMedien 2018

Radically digital

Weil der Mensch den Unterschied macht -
111 Führungsrezepte

Random House 2018


Geboren 1953 in Essen, promovierter Philosoph, hat zudem Psychologie, Betriebswirtschaft, Geschichte und Sport studiert, Vater von vier Kindern, lebt mit seiner Familie in der Nähe von Zürich und Santa Fe (USA), außerdem Bluesrockmusiker und Fan des Fußballklubs Rot-Weiss Essen.

Reinhard K. Sprenger ist einer der wichtigsten, wenn nicht der wichtigste Vordenker zu allen Themen rund um Management und Führung im deutschsprachigen Raum. Seine Bücher sind Best- und Longseller. Er provoziert durch die Unabhängigkeit seiner Gedanken und irritiert durch die Direktheit, in der er sie formuliert. Sprenger stößt Leute vor den Kopf – damit der noch besser arbeitet.