Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

(Winston Churchill)

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Gabriele Euchner "it's time for a new leadership culture"



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stone_bridge_mbl_800x800No matter what your profession is, Manager, Banker, Lawyer, Managing Director, Entrepreneur or Startup-owner, your success depends on the quality of your decisions and those of your colleagues and employees. We are all very familiar with making decisions as fast as the speed of light, simoultaneously working on our "to do"-lists ("the never ending story") and in between running from one meeting to the next. Meanwhile it is well known and has already been published many times, working under stress changes our internal system and decision making process. I.e., we are not using our creative right part of the brain but our so called "auto-pilot" takes over. Our "auto-pilot" – always and immediately in function when it comes to an emergency- or stress-situation – always offers us the very well-known solutions. Unfortunately, they are not always the best solutions for specific situations. What to do? One solution could be focusing on working off stress by actions that require a lot of discipline. Never the less, we all know that it won't sufficiently help in the long run, and we can not rely on it because of the necessary discipline. read more...